How Professional Plumbers Fix Leaks on Your Toilet

Hire a Plumbing Expert to Fix Your Leaking Toilets

Leaks are a common problem in toilets, but they can be very difficult to fix. And even if you do manage to repair the leak, there’s no guarantee it will last forever. Your best option is to hire a plumbing expert who knows how to deal with common problems like running toilets. Here’s a summarized procedure that a professional¬†plumber follows in fixing leaks on your toilet.

Turn off Water Supply and Drain the Tank

Experts will have to turn off the water supply of your toilet. Once they’re turned off, the remove the tank lid and use a plunger or similar tool to depress the flapper valve. This will cause water pressure in your tank to go down enough for you to be able to see if there are any leaks beneath it.

Remove the Toilet Tank

The next step is to remove the toilet tank. To do this, plumbing experts will have to remove the screws holding it to the bowl and pull it out of your toilet. You may need to use a pry bar or something similar to help you get under there if you have trouble removing it on your own.

Check for Leaks and Replace Flapper

A leak can occur anywhere on the toilet, and it’s important to find them all and locate the source of the problem to address it immediately. After checking for leaks under the tank and near the pipes, experts will have to replace your flapper with a new one. It can wear out over time, so it’s important to replace them regularly.

Putting the Tank Back Together

Once the tank has been put back together, experts will double check for leaks again. If there are none and you can hear water running in both directions, this is a good sign that your toilet is fixed. You can enjoy using your toilet again with no issues at all.

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