Hiring a Plumber to Install an Outdoor Water Faucet

Modern Outdoor Water Faucet Types

Learn about all of your options for outdoor water faucets now that spring is almost here to see if your house has the one that will serve your family’s requirements the best. A spigot, often known as a hose bib, and a straightforward compression valve make up the most typical style of outdoor faucet. This faucet design gives your family access to cold water outside when needed, but it misses many of the advantages of today’s contemporary outdoor water faucets. If you want to schedule to have your outside water faucet replaced, get in touch with a qualified plumber.

Discover the various modern outdoor water faucet varieties and each one’s special advantages.

Temperature-Control Faucet

Many homeowners are fine with cold-water-only outside faucets. There are, however, temperature-controlled outdoor faucets that enable homeowners to get hot, cold, and warm water from their outdoor faucets, and they provide homeowners with a variety of special advantages. This kind of outdoor faucet allows pet owners to give their animals a warm, relaxing outdoor bath. Parents should also use warm outdoor water to wash their kids off after a long day of playing in the yard or relaxing on the beach rather than bringing the muck inside. Finally, warm water can make many outdoor cleaning jobs more efficient, including washing the car and rinsing off the grimy home siding.

Frost-Free Faucet

Install a frost-free outside faucet if you want to avoid a plumbing problem in the future or need to replace an outdoor faucet that froze and burst this past winter. Long metal pipes used in frost-free faucets pass through the house’s external wall and into a heated interior room. The pipe is absent from conventional outdoor faucets. Additionally, this style of faucet has a shut-off valve behind the handle and inside the heated inside of your home rather than just below it, exposing it to the elements and subfreezing temperatures.

Anti-Siphon Valve Faucet

Every outdoor faucet is required by local legislation in various parts of the country to have an anti-siphon valve. Consider adding a valve to your outside faucet even if your community does not mandate one. If your water spout does not have this valve, contaminants may enter your home’s water supply, endangering your family’s health.

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